Even after school is over for the day, D.A.R.E. still sends it's message through the halls of Romney
Middle School.  D.A.R.E. After-School Freedom began in January of 2007.  This group of high energy
students learn songs and choreography that reflect a positive message to their audience.  The members
must sign commitment forms proclaiming their freedom from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence. The
choir meets one time a week for two-hours after school.  The show for this year offers favorites such as
"Footloose" and "We Got The Beat", to Disney's "Lion King" and more.

In it's first year, Freedom took the stage only twice with nine members.  Since then the program has
grown, with up to 32 members strong.  The group performs many times throughout the year, and travels
to the county's elementary schools to spread the word of a drug free life.

The group is under the direction of Corporal Jamie Carter, assisted by RMS teacher Amber Hayhurst.  
The directors believe that these students act as role models for other students at RMS as well as the
many elementary students that they come into contact with.  It's the hope of the directors to be able to
take Freedom's message to as many people as possible to show off their excitement about leading a
drug free life.