Along with our many other duties, members of the Hampshire County Sheriff's
Office are responsible for monitoring individuals who are placed on Home
Confinement as an alternative sentencing from serving time at the regional jail.  
As you may already know, since the WV Regional Jail System began operation,
many counties are struggling to pay the daily fee of $48.50 per day per
inmate.  Since Sheriff Sions took office in January 2005 and was given the
opportunity to hire an officer to conduct bailiff duty and to monitor the Home
Confinement Program, the average number of persons placed on the home
confinement went from less than 10, to a current average between 25 and 30
at any given time.  This program saves the county taxpayers over $430,000.00
annually.  Member of the Sheriff's Office take this program very seriously and
we strictly enforce any reliable and confirmed violation that is reported to our

The program is designed to offer an alternative sentence to non-violent
offenders.  The defendants may be hooked up on two different types of
monitoring devices, depending on the order from the court.  They can  be
placed on a machine that monitors only curfew violations or another machine
that not only monitors curfew violations, but also requires the defendant to
submit to a breath test several times a day.  Through this breath test, the
machine monitors for any illegal alcohol consumption and immediately reports
such to our office.  

Defendants placed on home confinement are usually required to maintain
employment and must abide by very strict curfew guidelines.  
Defendants are
not permitted to consume any alcohol, be in establishments that serve alcohol,
possess any firearms, shall not be in the company of any individuals who
possess alcohol and/or illegal controlled substances
.  The defendant must also
abide all state and federal laws and shall not associate with any person
currently on probation.

Members of the Sheriff Office frequently conduct random home visits and
residential searches of individuals who are ordered to home confinement.  
Most defendants are required to pay a daily fee of $10.00 for the traditional
monitoring and a daily fee of $12.00 for the breath test monitoring unit.  Most
of these defendants have driving related convictions.

The money that is collected from the program is used to pay half of the
Bailiff/Home Confinement Officer's salary and to purchase equipment to keep
the program running.  Two vehicles for the Sheriff's Office have also recently
been purchased from the programs proceeds.

Hampshire County Sheriff's Office
John P. Alkire, Sheriff
Home Confinement Program